On the Long Road to Positive Change

Developing Support for the Earth and Humanity

New Media for Global Change Inc. (NMGC) is a nonprofit organization working towards networking with caring others to create a sustainable and spiritually aware future. This organization is dedicated to individuals and organizations who are all seeking and attempting to travel the roads of change to find solutions for a brighter future in their local communities.

Dear Community,

Welcome to the world of 2010 bustling with industry, corporations, automobiles, technology and inconvenient truths. We all know that new sustainable and green movements are bursting in the scenes of our economy because the earth's in trouble.

Recycling programs and green techniques are changing the mainframes of our foundations.

This is a nonprofit organization built from the tar and warfare to build funds that will raise awareness to positively solve humanity's problems. Sustainability and helping humanities grows from small efforts in local communities, branching out from there.

NMGC is a nonprofit organization working on networking with others to create a sustainable and spiritually aware future.

Everyone affiliated are working on different projects to rebuilding the future by embarking on their own positive visions in efforts to change the course of humanity's destructive habits.

Please navigate this site for ongoing projects you may be interested in donating or volunteering for.Thank you for visiting our website and please come back to check up on recent updates!

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